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Sleek and modern outside, loaded with world-class technology inside, X Series hearing aids deliver the benefits you want and expect from digital hearing aids. Want to hear better in noise? X Series is designed to improve speech understanding in noisy environments and make listening easier no matter where you are.

    You Want

    X Series Delivers

  • You want

    A way to hear better in noise

    X Series delivers

    A precision microphone technology and advanced noise reduction and speech recognition system designed to amplify meaningful sounds—such as speech—while reducing unwanted background noise

  • You want

    Help hearing high-frequency sounds (like children's and women’s voices)

    X Series delivers

    The only technology that replicates high-frequency speech cues into lower frequencies, where they’re easier to hear

  • You want

    A personal and comfortable listening experience

    X Series delivers

    Sound compression technology designed to differentiate soft speech from loud, for a more enhanced and natural sound quality

  • You want

    No buzzing or whistling

    X Series delivers

    Our industry-leading feedback elimination technology makes buzzing and whistling hearing aids a thing of the past

  • You want

    Reliable, hassle-free hearing aids

    X Series delivers

    HydraShield®2, our pioneering water- and wax-repellent moisture protection system — and voice and tone alerts

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